About Acu for Athletes

Dr. Zvi Goldberg, DACM, L.Ac Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Dr. Zvi Goldberg, DACM, L.Ac
Doctor of Chinese Medicine

About Zvi

Zvi is the founder and operator of Acu for Athletes. His Chinese Medicine journey started when he was a young child. As a child, he was always intrigued with how things worked, what made things tick, etc. When it came to the human body that was no different; he just had to know how the body worked. During his journey of understanding the body, he came across Chinese Medicine and he immediately fell in love. Although understanding the human body is a life-long journey, he felt things click into place.  Chinese Medicine has a very unique and holistic way of explaining how the body works and it truly spoke to him.

His main focus when he got to school – aside from understanding the body – was orthopedics and sports medicine. He always loved sports and movement and he wanted to be able to help those with a similar passion for movement. Zvi specializes in sports and orthopedic conditions and uses techniques such as:

There are too many people that think that they are all alone because of the pain they are feeling. They don’t know where to turn or what to do. Pain should not have the power to stop people from doing what they love. There is always something that can be done. Zvi’s dream is for everyone to know that they have options and that they can be pain free and able to do what they love. By finding the root cause of the dysfunction, treatment is much more directed and effective.

Though pain is his area of expertise, Zvi has experience treating many other health related conditions such as stress and anxiety, digestive issues, allergies, sleep, exhaustion and fatigue, women’s health, and many other conditions.